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iPhone 7 Back Covers

A Myriad options on Casestyle help protect your iPhone 7. “It’s better to be safe than to be sorry” applies to iPhone 7 users who invest a considerable amount while purchasing it; pushing them to spare a thought about protecting the same. Our back covers protect your prized multi-functional device against accidental damage which may result in the cracking of the screen, deep scratches on the back panel, along with soiled impressions on the retina HD screen that make it difficult for owners to use their phone efficiently. An accidental impactful fall will likely damage your device. There are also instances when your phone comes in contact with water and other spills which may render the phone useless. It is hence the need of the hour to spend a little on back covers as a small move towards extending the longevity of your expensive phone. Choose from a wide range of attractive, durable and easy-to-use cases and  covers enlisted below.

Types of materials and their uses

Most of the covers are made from long lasting leather and synthetic leather. Silicone/gel/tpu is another durable material that is used to craft different types of plain or colourful back covers. Covers made of lightweight metal are also in vogue. Soft rubber is also amongst the most widely used materials in the manufacture of protective cases. Enabling iPhone 7 users to protect the lovely back, it is through these protective gears that the camera lens is also protected against scratches and hits.