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iPhone 5S 5 Leather Cases

Premium Leather Mobile Phone Cases and Covers

For even more flexibility to go along with the hip and elegant look of iPhone 5S/5 leather mobile phone cases, we offer you unmatched all-in-one and one-in-all in form and functionality with our selection of iPhone 5s leather flip cases and wallets. Whether it's for him or her, we have them for you here at Casestyle UK. We have iPhone 5s business leather wallet for men that can hold identification and credit cards, as well as foldable documents. For women, we have iPhone 5S elegant leather cases in lovely colours that is a must have for any woman. In ever busier lifestyle environment, leather cases for mobile phones can be carried in bags, purses, luggage bypassing need to separately carry your wallet and your iPhone 5s case when you can have them in one!