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iPhone X

The latest battle of the heavyweight smartphones is underway with Google's Android flagship Pixel 2 taking on the all-new iPhone X.

Key of course is price, Apple is asking from £999 for the iPhone X while Google's Pixel range starts from a more reasonable £599. While most buyers will stretch that out over a one or two year contract, Apple is really pushing the loyalty of iPhone fans on a budget. Also in Google's favour is a wider range of choice with the XL model offering a six-inch display and 2880 x 1440 resolution.

Google Pixel 2

The Pixel 2 edges Apple with 4GB of RAM compared to 3GB on the iPhone X. However, those who demand plenty of storage might prefer the larger 256GB iPhone X model. When it comes to the cameras, the Pixel 2 is also ahead on both front and rear, but as it's the software camera features that are the key to good images, megapixels mean less than they used to. With its dual-lens camera, the iPhone X can take wide-angle and telephoto HDR shots. Google offers HDR+, video stabilisation and portrait mode.

In terms of raw processing power, both phones have 10nm, 64-bit processors. The iPhone X's A11 chip is faster in benchmark tests, but it is down to the software that uses the power which will make a difference to the buyer. Both support augmented reality, the latest trend in mobile. In terms of quirks, Apple fans have to get used to the notch and bunny ears part of the screen around the camera, and FaceID, while Pixel users can benefit from the Edge Sense feature that enables functions by squeezing the phone.

Google Pixel 2 v iPhone X Comparison


Google Pixel 2

Apple iPhone X


1920 x 1080

2436 x 1125


Snapdragon 835

A11 Bionic





64GB or 128GB

64GB or 256GB

Rear Camera:



Front Camera:




From £599

From £999

Whatever your choice, at Casestyle we have the right cases to protect your expensive investment from damage. A range of iPhone X cases will keep yours warm (some have struggled in extreme cold) while our Google Pixel 2 cases offer security and style. They will make a great Christmas present for friends or family to guard theirs.

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