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At Casestyle, we have an excellent collection of luxury phone cases and take a keen interest in the latest developments in the mobile phone industry.

Recently LG has revealed its latest product, the LG G6. So what features are new and should you upgrade from the G5? We explain some of the main differences between the LG G6 and G5.

Snapdragon 821 Processor

According to Qualcomm, the designer of Snapdragon chips, say that the Snapdragon 821 processor is ten percent faster with its performance compared to Snapdragon 820 that is used in the LG G5. The LG G6 also uses Snapdragon 835’s dual-camera tech although this does not necessarily mean the functionality of the LG G6 will have the 835’s performance improvements.

Bigger Screen

The size of the screen for the LG G6 is something to keep in mind when purchasing a mobile phone case for the device. Whereas the display size was 5.3-inch for the LG G5, it has now increased to a much bigger display of 5.7-inch display without making it look too bulky. There has also been a substantial growth in screen resolution. The resolution of the LG G5 was previously 1440×2560 pixels but has now increased to 1440×2880 dramatically improving the density of pixels. This means that images will look more refined through brighter colours and sharper definition in comparison with the LG G5.

The LG G6 Is IP68 Certified

To justify the price of the LG G6, LG has had to provide some high-quality features for this newer version. The LG G6 is IP68 certified water-resistant, one of the most useful features but it is a feature that users would expect a flagship phone to have. This means that the phone can be submerged into a depth of 1.5 metres for a maximum of half an hour.

Android 7.0 Nougat Software

Initially, the LG G5 used an older version of Android software, but both phones now use Google’s new Android 7.0 Nougat software. The software for both the LG G5 and G6 the phones are very similar. The significant difference between them is that the LG G6 uses an updated version of the LG UX software that supports new 18:9 aspect ratio. One of the advantages is that the LG G6 screen can display two apps at the same time. The LG G6 also comes with a Square Camera app which contains extra shooting modes these include Snapshot, Grid Shot, Guide Shot and Match Shot. As a result these could help a user improve their Instagram photos. There is also a ‘comfort view’ available on the LG G6 making it better for users to use at night time.

Increased Battery Size

The LG G6’s battery has grown by 500mAh and has shifted from 2,800mAh to 3,300mAh. The LG G6 also features wireless charging, and this can be done using a wireless charging pad. Although wireless charging may take longer than using a USB cable and this is something that should be kept in mind if you are considering upgrading your LG G5 to the LG G6.

Overall, if would like a phone that is ten per cent faster, contains dual camera tech, the ability to charge wirelessly, a bigger screen with an exceptional display resolution, the LG G6 is the phone for you.

Just like the new LG G6, you have most likely paid a lot of money for your phone and would be upset if it got broken or damaged. You might be interested in learning why you should buy a case for your mobile or call us today on 0800 61256300 to discuss any of our mobile products.

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