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With all the advances in mobile phone technology, it seems there’s one thing that never seems to get improved upon – the battery life.

How can you maximise your phone’s battery life? Here are some suggestions…

Dim the lights

Your smartphone’s screen display is the biggest drain on your battery’s resources and, for the most part, unnecessary. If you only follow one tip in this list, it should be this: turn your screen’s brightness down as low as you can comfortably manage. It might feel odd to begin with, but your eyes will soon adjust, and your battery will thank you for it.

Kill the screen

Kill the screen

Whenever you finish using your phone, it will sit there, screen lit and battery abusing, until it times out and fades to black. Most phones allow you to set a timer for how long the screen remains lit without being touched, and you should set it as low as you can to save battery life.

Cut connections

We know – owning a phone is all about being connected, but there are certain things you should turn on as and when you need them, if you want to boost your battery life. Bluetooth, wi-fi, and location services all eat away at your battery, even if they’re just on in the background. Likewise, with email and app notifications – either turn them off, or change your settings so you get your notifications at regular intervals.

Invest in a powerbank

Powerbanks are the ideal option for charging your battery on the go

Of course, if you’re on the move all day, all the power-saving tips in the world won’t stop your battery from running out. Another option for keeping your battery charged whilst on the move is to invest in a powerbank. Casestyle offers an extensive range of powerbanks, available with a variety of different battery sizes, as well as battery cases for a number of Samsung and iPhone models, so take a look today.

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